Educational Training

The Beginning Farmer Tax Credit Act requires the beginning farmer to complete a finance management course to include creation and proper use of record-keeping systems, cash flow analysis, enterprise analysis and consultations with the instructor. The following courses fulfill this requirement. If you have completed a course that you believe meets the requirements but is not on this list, please contact our office at 402-471-4876.

Central Community College:
AGRI 2010 - Farm Management

Farmer Courses
Farm Financial Analysis Training (FFAT)

Holistic Management International
Introduction to Holistic Management Whole Farm/Ranch Planning
Holistic Financial Planning
(Both of these courses must be taken to meet the NextGen requirement.)

Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture:
ABM 2854 – Farm and Ranch Management
ABM 2963 – Farm Ranch and Small Business Record Keeping

Northeast Community College:
AGRI 2015 – Farm and Ranch Management
Business Finance for Non-Finance Personnel

Southeast Community College:
AGRI-1205 – Enterprise Analysis
ECON-1200 – Personal Finance

University of Nebraska:
AECN201 – Farm and Ranch Management
AECN301 – Farm Accounting, Analysis and Tax Management
AECN452 – Agricultural Finance
AECN/EAEP/ENTR/PLAS 275 – Agribusiness Entrepreneurial Finance
HORT288 – Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Returning to the Farm